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You can work out for free at this new Dubai Marina gym

F45 Training offers 45-minute high intensity workouts designed to burn over 750 calories, plus there’s a free two-week trial!


The success of Australian Ninja Warrior earlier this year has reignited this national passion, with channel Nine’s ratings for the obstacle course program leaving all competitors in the dust. And it has intrigued me to find out exactly what is needed to take on this kind of challenge.

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Channel 7 covers the Gold Coast Playoffs

Channel 7 Talks to some of the competitors at the F45 Playoffs.

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Sarah Lingard from Channel 7 attempts the F45 Playoffs

Sarah Lingard reports on the F45 Playoffs in Coolangatta QLD and attempts the challenge.

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Channel 7 talks to Ash Harris about F45 Playoffs in QLD

Ash Harris the defending F45 Playoffs champion talks about the playoffs event held in Coolangatta QLD

Western Wellness continues to promote fitness with new and ongoing programs

The Western Wellness initiative is continuing its efforts to spread health and wellness across the WMU campus, offering new as well as tried-and-true programs and classes.

Gritty fitness we love

Popularity in ‘gritty’ fitness is on the rise, and we’re totally on board! What do we mean by ‘gritty’ fitness?


Confession time. I’m not very good at remembering to add cardio into my training schedule. Tell me to get in the weights room five days a week and I’ll be there before you can blink, but tell me to add in two 30 minute HIIT sessions and I’ll resort to a toddler-esque strop. But when the opportunity came up to do a trial week at F45 Tottenham Court Road I decided to go for it. I mean, maybe a class situation would help stop the tantrums right?

Is Your Workout Sexist?

Until recently, activewear meant pink for girls and blue for boys. And when it came to workouts men did weights and women did legs, bums and tums. But are the his’n’hers divisions of the fitness world becoming less distinct?

Achieve your fitness goals in 5 best boutique gyms in KL

So, you managed to beat the rush-hour traffic to get to your usual gym. Once there, the clock ticks away as you wait to get a free locker or an available treadmill to warm up with. And before you know it, you’re already late for a packed fitness class, where you need to settle at the back — far from the instructor to correct your form.

Industry insight: F45 Training

It’s certainly becoming a crowded space for London’s studio offerings. We spoke to Rob Deutsch, the founder of Australian fitness brand, F45 Training, on trainer education and how they are embracing technology in the future.


Working out regularly and consistently is very important to me.
I’ve written about it before, but exercising for me is what I use to manage my mental health issues, keep my anxiety at bay, and maintain a happy and healthy frame of mind. Anything extra that comes from exercising is just a bonus for me.

F45 launches second London location

F45 Functional Training has recently opened a new location in Farringdon, North London, following the success of its Tottenham Court Road branch.

10 Health And Beauty Franchises lists some of the top health and beauty franchises currently expanding.

9 Trainers Share Their Favorite Exercises of All Time

There’s a time and place for bicep curls, calf raises and leg extensions, but the bedrock of every workout should be big moves. That is, the ones that tap more muscles, improve your ability to perform everyday tasks and burn calories like crazy. Here are nine top trainers’ picks for exercises that will give you the biggest return on your reps.

THIS is how the American boxer Floyd Mayweather returned to fitness after

Both have been putting in gruelling training sessions – and none more so than Floyd Mayweather, 40, who has come out of retirement for the fight.

Entrepreneurs Flock to Pasadena as Businesses Blossom During Summer

While summer typically sets a slow pace for most people, over the past two months frenetic local entrepreneurs kept pace with a famous national brand, Dunkin’ Donuts, in bringing new business concepts into reality across Pasadena at a surprising rate.

Former football players turn passion for fitness into business

F45 owners Matt Davidson and James McCoy may have both become personal trainers, but their passion for fitness started with football.

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